Benefits of Working as a Travel Nurse

Being a travel nurse is very demanding, but the pay offs are tremendous. It makes a wonderful addition to your resume as well as providing you the necessary professional and personal development by exposing you to a number of different work environments across the country. You may even be given a chance to work abroad, depending on your proficiency in the language of that region as well as your work experience.

Being an RN traveler can be extremely rewarding as an experience, you get paid more than regular staff and it helps you get a great match for your professional and personal needs. It is also a great way to explore the top travel nursing locations around America and gives you flexibility than being a permanent nurse on staff.

With Travel Nurse Companies, like Staff Aid, you get to experience the benefits of being a travel nurse. Having recent relevant experience of one to two years helps make your travel nursing journey more satisfying.

  • High Pay and Bonuses

  • Free Private Housing

  • Weekly Payroll Direct Deposit

  • Tax Advantage Plan

  • Health, Vision, Dental, and Life Insurance

  • Referral Bonuses



  • Licensure Reimbursement

  • Travel Reimbursements

  • Free Unlimited Online CEUs

  • Professional Liability Insurance and Worker’s Compensation

  • Traveler Support 24/7

Are you cut out to be a travel nurse?

There are many registered nurses who are actively looking for travel nurse openings, but may not know that being a travel nurse is a very demanding job. As a travel RN, you need to be very flexible with your traveling, for one. The right attitude for travel RN goes a long way. You must be willing to push your limits and embrace uncertainty. You must be willing to challenge yourself in unknown scenarios, such as working in top travel nursing locations with new coworkers and patients every time.

Everyone will have different personalities. Will you have that level of tolerance and accommodation when the time comes? You may not get the shift timings that you want, and will have to work on an incredibly short notice in terms of schedule at times. This is also one of the reasons why you need to have a firm grip on the latest nursing practices; identifying the medical and social needs of a patient as well as being able to communicate effectively with hospital staff, doctors as well as patients. Having an eye for detail and having analytical skills will also be an important part of determining your success as a travel nurse. It will help you demonstrate your mettle in patient care as a travel nurse. Some registered nurses may feel overwhelmed by these requirements at times.

Receive a Tax-Free Housing Stipend

Housing is one of the most significant concerns for a travel nurse. Staff Aid provide housing (i.e., apartment, duplex, etc.) or we will offer a housing stipend, or a fixed amount of money each week to apply towards housing.

Nurses need to be aware of where their “tax home” is, as stipends are tax-free if working away from the tax home. Having a tax home is necessary to receive tax-free housing. A “tax home” is defined as the general location of an individual’s primary place of work (regardless of where the primary residence is).

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