Housing stipends

  • Our travelers also have the option to arrange their own accommodations for each assignment.
  • We offer generous housing allowances.

We provide our travelers with free, furnished, private housing, including all basic utilities.

Because the housing we provide is private and secured specifically for you following your acceptance of a travel nurse job, we are able to accommodate most special housing requests. We welcome travel companions like family members and friends!

What is a Housing Stipend?

Simply put, a housing stipend is a sum of money an agency provides to a travel nurse to cover the housing costs that the travel nurse incurs while working a travel assignment. People also refer to the housing stipend as a “housing reimbursement”.

Most travel nursing agencies offer a choice between company housing or the housing stipend. You do not get both.

If you take the company housing, then the agency takes care of everything related to housing. If you take the housing stipend, then you’ll be responsible for finding, securing and paying for the housing.

I have and maintain a permanent tax home, and I would like to take advantage of the
tax-free meal per diem, housing, and mileage benefits. I am aware that these tax-free travel
benefits are not guaranteed because I have a permanent tax home and that other
requirements must be met.

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